• Ittosai

    Another 00 digit! Thanks for all the hard work put into translating this novel for us!

    • The crimson fucker

      Hard work? You’re kidding right. They’re getting paid 25/hour to translate 5 chapters a week and they barely manage 3. There are other translators like rainbow turtle that do 20 a week before their fans started a patreon for them. This is a fucking joke.

      • leopold1983

        Well, Totobro doesn’t live only with translating novel. We still have chapters regularly. It’s not steady but he tries to keep it consistent on a weekly basis.
        Some who have been following Totobro for a long time know that he is committed and are thankfull for his work.
        You can diss all you want but I don’t think it’s gonna make things go faster.

        And it’s to us to judge if we consider this hard work or not.

        • The crimson fucker

          If you’re accepting money for x chapters a week and that threshold is reached, you provide zero explanation and don’t translate faster. You don’t deserve sympathy.

          Toto is currently receiving 45k a year to translate a 5 pages a week. That is absolutely insane. Yet they can’t meet their required chapters. Sit down and take one day a week and you can meet it. It’s pathetic.

          • Melissa Fury

            I feel this way, since i have s right to complain because I pay 60$ a month to help support him. Haven’t had a chapter in 3 days.