• Melissa Fury

    Where is Patreons 728 and 729?? 728 is there but completely blank and there isn’t even a 729 up.

  • Diego De Carvalho Portela

    Diz u die?

    • Daloth

      He is still updating on Gravity Tales, just have to go there to see them.

      • Ernesto Velete Ignacio Jr.

        Why did they stop updating this?

        • leopold1983

          From what I read he had some things to take care IRL so he had ro go on hiatus for a month. Gravity tales said they’ll reevaluate the situation in september and see if he can continue with the translation. Let’s hope for the better.

          Totobro Fighting!

  • Anonymous

    I remember when I was always excited visiting the site everyday for an update 3 years ago, when there was only 70 chapters translated. I always check the excel if someone donated so Toto would post bonus chapters. xD