Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 036

Chapter 36: Asura Ye(II)

Ye Hua’s right hand was directed forward; but Long Hao Chen had moved three, four steps back.

“Okay, you won. I underestimated you because of your outward appearance. This was my fatal mistake. Thank you for giving me this lesson.” Saying this, Ye Hua’s right hand formed a fist against his chest as he performed a knight salute, facing Long Hao Chen.

Long Hao Chen made haste to return the salute, “Thank you for your guidance, Instructor.”

The knights who were still running had completely stopped, eyes wide and mouths opened on the side. Even though they did not see how Ye Hua lost, they were still surprised at the scene, especially when they actually saw this Asura Ye salute a student. It was weird, as inconceivable as seeing a cat kissing a mouse.

“What are you doing?! Taking your Father’s[ref]Common Chinese expression, the meaning of the word ‘Father’ is in this context closer to ‘Uncle’[/ref] words as farts?! Go back to running, fifty more laps!” In the next instant, the Asura Ye as they remembered him deep inside reappeared. His threatening roars frightened the other knights who all made haste to resume their laps.

“You, come with me.” Asura Ye said this sentence in a cold voice before turning back and starting to walk.

Long Hao Chen hurried to follow him, entering in the Knight Main Hall after Ye Hua.

A huge person seemed like he had been waiting there for a long time. Watching them come in, he smiled and asked: “How was it? Just like I said, right?”

“Nalan Hall Master. ” Long Hao Chen said in a somewhat surprised tone.

The huge person present there was Nalan Shu. This time, he appeared like an old fox, showing his beaming face to Long Hao Chen and Asura Ye.

“Fat bastard.” Asura Ye coldly let out a loud Hmph.

Nalan Shu laughed and said: “Zombie face, this time we are at Hao Yue Hall, but are going to stay so proud. By the way, I forgot to tell you about his age. Hao Chen, are you twelve yet?”

Long Hao Chen shook his head and answered: “I’ll be twelve years old in four months.”

“What?” As the originally cold Ye Hua heard him, some changes finally appeared on his face, it looked as if his expression revealed shock and fanaticism at the same time.

“Not twelve yet? You are not twelve yet and you can still use [Shining Solar Strike]?” How could he not have noticed the shield skill that Long Hao Chen had previously used.

Nalan Shu proudly answered: “Didn’t I tell you that a peerless genius came to our Hao Yue Hall? Do you understand the word ‘peerless’? Idiot.”

Ye Hua looked as though he didn’t notice Nalan Shu’s taunt at all. His ice-cold face was incredibly serious, as he fixed his gaze at Long Hao Chen: “Since you can use both [Shining Solar Strike] and [Heavenly Battle Array], then all you have studied up to now were Retribution Knight abilities right? Why didn’t you continue practicing as a Retribution Knight, but instead chose to be a Guardian Knight?”

Long Hao Chen replied without hesitation: “I hope to have the ability to protect everything I want to protect. After all, Father told me that the power of a single person was limited. When fighting against the demon race to protect our homeland, a Guardian Knight has a much more important role than a Retribution Knight.”

Ye Hua’s eyes lit up; he smiled, slowly nodding and said: “Good, starting from today, you will follow me alone in learning the Guardian Knight skills. Without my permission, you are not to duel with other knights. Do you understand?”

Long Hao Chen was stunned for a moment, then said: “But if I have not enough real combat experience, will that not affect my training?”

Ye Hua coldly hummed, “Say that after you’ve beaten me. Go to the practicing field and wait there for me.”

“Yes.” Long Hao Chen replied with a somewhat puzzled expression, then after saluting Nalan Shu, he turned around and left.

Looking at him leave, Ye Hua gradually looked fired up, “Fat bastard, where did you find such a treasure?”

Nalan Shu triumphantly said: “Zombie face, did you get served yet? You did not believe me when I told you all of this yesterday, do you believe it now? With this little guy joining us, in the future, our Hao Yue Branch Hall will shine, and maybe its status will be promoted to that of Chief Hall. You will also be able to show those who scorned you how powerful your disciple is.”

Ye Hua simply ignored Nalan Shu’s showing off. He pondered for a moment and said: “Do you know how high the innate internal spiritual energy[ref]97. Be careful, innate internal spiritual energy is the internal spiritual energy he starts with after his Divine Awakening, and unlike the internal spiritual energy, it is something innate: it cannot be changed throughout all one’s life, and determine his internal spiritual energy’s potential. As long as one’s IISE is higher than 10, he can be considered as talentuous in this regard. Wiki will also be updated with this information. [/ref] of this little kid is?”

Nalan Shu nodded and answered: “I don’t know. I tried to ask him, but he wasn’t willing to tell me. However, I tested his spiritual energy and it was at the 268th level. Thus, it looks like this little fellow’s innate internal spiritual energy cannot be lower than 40; it may be even higher. But why are you asking this? Didn’t you hate to deal with those with a high innate internal spiritual energy?”

Ye Hua’s ice-cold face suddenly took a somewhat unusual expression, “If the inborn could be changed, the current me wouldn’t be limited to the level of a mere Earth Knight. If my innate internal spiritual energy was 50, I would inevitably become a Divine Knight. However, the abominable Heavens that decided to give me wisdom and understanding deprived me of inborn capability.”

Nalan Shu’s plump palms patted his shoulder: “Okay okay, don’t blame everyone and everything but yourself. Didn’t the arrival of this child, Hao Chen, give you an occasion to put your talent to use? Even if you can’t aim to sit at that place, your disciple can. Isn’t it the same?”

Ye Hua took a deep breath, excitement appeared on his cold face that gradually became redder, “Thank you fat bastard.”

Nalan Shu laughed: “You’re still calling me this way? Originally, if it wasn’t for you, I would have left these 150 kilograms (300 Jin) of fat meat on the battlefield.”

Ye Hua said in a little voice: “You will have to help me take care of a few matters. First, from today onwards, except for carrying the knight examinations, I want to be independant from the other Alliance obligations, apart from the examinations. Second, block the news; I especially want the news about this child’s age to be tightly hidden. In particular, we cannot let other hall masters or branch halls know. During the Magical Selection and Tournament that is coming in two years, I want to shock and amaze the world with this child’s feat.”

“Okay, no problem. Only, Zombie Face, I don’t want you to be too impatient and eager on your quest for success. Regardless of the circumstances, you cannot harm this child. After all, being excessively enthusiastic will only have the opposite effect.”

Ye Hua said in a thin voice: “This child is stronger than you can imagine. I can see in him my hope, not because of his age and his talent, but because of his perseverance. From the Ten Standards of the Knight, he has at least already grasped courage and perseverance. Plus, he is a kid who never admits defeat, and moreover, he has a different sense of observation and an imagination beyond limits. Although a duration of two years and a half is brief, I believe that he will shock the whole temple as much as he did me.”

Nalan Shu faintly nodded: “I still have the same words, don’t be too impatient and eager. I can not tell you of this kid’s origin but, in the near future, he will be able to become our humanity’s new hope.”

Ye Hua laughed, a smile was finally drawn on his ice-cold face; it was honestly uglier than his crying face, but Nalan Shu could be sure that he was smiling. On his face, a smiling expression that did not appear for almost ten years was finally revealed.

As he was laughing, Ye Hua left, and his voice was resounding one last time in Nalan Shu’s ears, “I treasure this kid even more than you. He is the continuation of my dream.”

Long Hao Chen had no way of knowing that after being freed from the tiger’s den that was his father’s training, he was going to enter in the clutches of a biased devil Asura.

From that day onwards, the head instructor of Knight Temple Hao Yue Hall, known with the nickname of Asura, Ye Hua, finally quitted his position of chief instructor Knight Main Hall, letting Nalan Shu personally take over this job of head instructor. And the short-lived legend of the juvenile genius knight also disappeared, together with him.

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