Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 039

Chapter 39: Knights’ Sacred Mountain (I)[ref]Second time the author uses the same title.[/ref]

That day, Asura Ye was wearing a different outfit than usual. He had put on a suit of silver coloured light armor, covering his whole body. Apart from the shield he used when he trained Long Hao Chen, there was also a heavy sword on his back. His portable luggage was thrown on to Long Hao Chen who placed it into his spatial ring, ‘Forget-Me-Not’[ref]Name of the spatial ring that Cai Er gave him[/ref].

Long Hao Chen’s attire was very plain compared to his teacher’s. He did not even wear his armor suit, he only had a sword and a shield, the shield being the same Radiant Shield that Li Xin gave him.

“Teacher, aren’t we going to the Knights’ Sacred Mountain?” Long Hao Chen asked with a puzzled look as he came back. It seemed as if he was heading to the rear of Hao Yue Hall.

“Just follow me.” Asura Ye said relaxedly.

His response was like so only because Long Hao Chen was the one who asked. If it was another person, he would just have been discredited while being cursed.

When they entered into the training ground, the knights’ training had not started yet. Most of them were still probably having breakfast in the cafeteria, so it was really quiet inside the training ground.

Asura Ye stopped and like a double edged sword, he thrust his right hand suddenly into the void. Pale gold glows gathered together to form golden patterns that moved in the air.

Long Hao Chen had seen these actions before. Li Xin had used them once, isn’t this the method to summon a battle mount? Could it be that this teacher also became a Genuine Knight before the age of twenty, and furthermore, visited the Knights’ Holy Mountain?

Golden light rose and bright golden glows formed a gate that shone with a bright light. Together with a loud scream that could be heard, a figure came out from the golden light.

Seeing this figure clearly, Long Hao Chen could not help but stare at it. He had been training with Ye Hua for two years, but this was the first time he had seen Ye Hua’s battle mount.

It was a big bird with its whole body colored light yellow. It came out from the golden light, its height was over two and a half meters, its yellow feathers were in exotic circular shapes, and its head was also perfectly round. Its body looks very rough and tough, and there seemed to be a faint earth-element yellow layer of light emanating from it.

During his practice with his father, aside from the everyday training, Long Xing Yu also taught him all kinds of knowledge; that naturally included knowledge about magical beasts.

After a brief moment of surprise, Long Hao Chen recognized this was a rare earth-elemental flying magical beast; its name was Vibrant Mountain Bird, a sixth ranked magical beast.

Generally speaking, the majority of flying magical beasts belonged to the wind-elemental system, the rest were in other elemental systems, but earth-elemental system flying magical beasts were the most rare of them all. The Vibrant Mountain Birds’ speed might not be very fast, but whether in terms of loading limit or defense, there was no flying magical beasts of the same rank that could match them.

“Teacher, so you are an Airborne Knight.” Long Hao Chen said with admiration.

Among fifth stepped knights, only one who had a flying battle mount could call himself ‘an Airborne Knight’, otherwise he could only be called an Earth Knight. Without a doubt, within the same rank, Airborne Knights were naturally the stronger ones.

As Asura Ye revealed rare gentle eyes, the Vibrant Mountain Bird lowered its head, letting him pet it a little before expanding its huge wings wide, five meters across, and slightly crouching down.

Asura Ye pulled Long Hao Chen, slightly jumped up and landed on top of the Vibrant Mountain Bird’s back. Before Long Hao Chen could react, fierce wind rose up, the Vibrant Mountain Bird did a short head start, strongly flapped its two wings, then took flight into the sky.

This was the first time Long Hao Chen traveled on a flying magical beast; feeling a little nervous, he grabbed the Vibrant Mountain Bird’s feathers subconsciously.

The scenery below quickly became smaller, and soon, the Vibrant Mountain Bird was already high into the air.

A layer of yellow-colored earth essence was released from this Vibrant Mountain Bird’s body, it wrapped Long Hao Chen and Ye Hua, making sure that they wouldn’t be blown away by the wind. Its pair of wings was still flapping, advancing towards the horizon.

Long Hao Chen knew that magical beasts mounts were spiritually connected with their master, so this Vibrant Mountain Bird naturally knew where they were headed.

So fast, Hao Yue Town was gradually becoming smaller under them as the Vibrant Mountain Bird rose in the sky until reaching an altitude close to a kilometer, the height for flying. Being seated on its wide back gave one an unexpectedly smooth feeling.

After all, Long Hao Chen wasn’t fourteen years old yet, it was the first time he got to see such a fantastic scene. This Vibrant Mountain Bird was clearly a fully grown magical beast, the feeling when flying on its back was truly wonderful! When we will arrive in the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, it would be awesome if I could get this magical beast!

Ye Hua reacted: “So envious?”

Long Hao Chen nodded without the least restrain.

Ye Hua told: “You will also have the opportunity. I am gonna to tell you about the places at the Knights’ Sacred Mountain where you can look for a magical beast companion, you have to remember what I’ll say.”


Ye Hua continued: “The Knights’ Sacred Mountain is the magical land our Knight Temple was established on. This mountain range is a cornerstone that several generations established after great efforts. More precisely, the Knights’ Sacred Mountain is, in itself, a huge magical array. Inside of its range, all the magical beasts become friendly with humans, while their power is restricted.”

“In the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, the oldest magical beasts can even communicate mentally. Each human who enters the mountain has to be below 20 years old, his spiritual energy must have reached the 200th level, he must have undergone the Sacred Awakening, and he must also have the approval of the Knight Temple to get close enough to these magical beasts.”

“You have to keep in mind that, there, what you will be looking for is a companion for life, not simply a mount. He will be your most loyal friend and, unless you die, he will accompany you for your whole life. He will even be more reliable than the future companions you will have.

When looking for a mount in the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, there is a big factor of luck. By chance, you will perhaps find your suitable mount after your first step. But if you don’t have this chance, I am afraid that even if you wait for ten years or a hundred years, there will be no magical beasts that will pay attention to you. Thus, entering the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, in some kind of meaning, is a process consisting to seek chance.”

Hearing up to this part, Long Hao Chen asked: “Teacher, how can I seek this chance?”

Ye Hua let out a sigh, gently caressing the feathers on the back of his companion, “Everyone has a different fate. At that time, when I met my Vibrant Mountain Bird, it wasn’t a third of a meter high yet, and yet the first time I saw it, my heart had an intense feeling of intimacy with it.

“The vast majority of the magical beasts in the Knights’ Sacred Mountain won’t attack humans, but there are some with a violent temperament that will warn you as soon as you step into their territory. If you meet this kind of magical beast, the tile provided by the Temple will inform you to some extent. Don’t rashly enter in the range of its territory. If both of you are brought together by fate, it will naturally come to you. These kinds of magical beasts are often comparatively powerful existences in the Sacred Mountain Knight.”

Long Hao Chen kept in mind Ye Hua’s pointers: he wouldn’t dare be the slightest bit careless. A companion, Teacher is right, in the future I will have my own mount and companion. But what kind of mount will it be?

“Teacher, will the kind of mount that I am destined to tame be related to my innate potential?” Long Hao Chen curiously asked.

Ye Hua nodded and answered: “Of course it will be related. Simply said, to a mount, acknowledging you is kind of like acknowledging your innate potential. The more formidable the magical beast, the more exigent it will be regarding its companion’s abilities. About this matter, my luck was very good at that time.”

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